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Mods to my 1720

Questions and Improvements on Key West Boats Hulls, Parts, Hardware and Structural Components

Re: Mods to my 1720

PostPosted by MarshMarlowe » Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:13 pm

Hey Jay, thanks for joining the site and sharing the nice picture. Good to see Bear's boat is in good hands :thumbsup: Would you happen to have any pictures of your battery setup under the console? I'm curious to see how you made it happen
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Re: Mods to my 1720

PostPosted by LSU » Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:31 pm

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Re: Mods to my 1720

PostPosted by jay-z » Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:58 pm

I'll attach 2 pics of the console batteries. It is not easy to get my phone in there for a good, wide shot and still show everything. What I have in there are (2) group 31 DieHard Platinums (when Odyssey was still making them) pulled out of the house bank of my old boat, and a group 24 lead-acid starting battery. The 31's are secured with a battery tray screwed into the hull using some rubber pads of varying thickness in spots to account for the access hole lids. The batts are strapped to these with a nylon webbing and buckle. The starter is cushioned against the deck with more rubber pads, and is strapped to one of the 31s with a cam-lock. I can pull that one out for long-term storage when necessary. The 31s are in parallel for a good house bank. The BlueSea stuff Bear put in does a great job of isolating the 2 banks and allows for simple on-board charging.

It was no small feat getting those things in there, and you better be willing to trade some epidermis tissue for long-term enjoyment. Thankfully, I have smallish hands and strong fingers to coax those batteries into place with all of the existing wiring/components. One battery is pushed as far to the port as possible, and runs the long way fore-aft. The 2nd battery is pushed as far to the front as possible and is transverse to the other (running port-starboard). The start batt sits squarely in the middle with just enough room that it doesn't press against the console opening. There is enough room to the starboard side that I still have access to the wireway boot and all the cables spewing out of it, and can still fit a small dry box in there with spare fuses and such.

Last comment: next time Bear posts anything about a mod/rebuild, everyone go buy stock in any company that manufactures zip ties. You are guaranteed a return on that investment.
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